martes, 18 de septiembre de 2018

Catwalk Models

 Five Ecuadorian designers inspired by the newest paintings of the Guayaquil painter Christian Cruz captured their designs with metallic colors, fluorescent and neon in Fashion Art, last Saturday 8, in the agora of the linear park in front of the Catholic University.

 The Next Models Ecuador modeling school, in Kennedy north, was the organizer of the event. "The concept emerged as an effort to change the banal concept that most individuals have about modeling," says Edson Parreño, director of the school. "This profession encompasses many skills because in the way of walking and the expression of the face area emotions are projected as in the theater; the face area becomes a canvas at the time of creating the models, as though it were a painting, this is exactly why it is highly recommended art," he says.

 The designers who participated in this catwalk were: Ana Belén Menéndez, who was inspired by the painting Nocturno Placer on her creations; the Colombian Adriana Torres, with the painting Creation; María Leonor Vera, with Gama celestial; Álex Gaibor (designer of accessories), with the task En lo alto, and fifteen novice designers of the Tecnológico Sudamericano (TECSU) with the painting Escalones Alfaro.

 The painter's paintings were projected on giant screens through the event. "Christian was chosen because through his abstract art, he captures the feelings of every day life," says Edson. The modeling school organizes these parades, with free admission, so that individuals could possibly get to learn Ecuadorian. "This is how we donate to the local industry," Edson says.

 In addition to the parade there was violin music to accompany the catwalk, in addition to the Guayaquil group Melivia, with Latin rock. The Ars Nova school showed a theater number; Jimmy Mendoza's group and the YoDance academy performed dance. At the end there was a raffle for make-up courses; ten folks from the audience won. On September 28 the college will organize the Guayaquil fashion, with local designers, in the zigzag bridge of the Malecón del Salado.
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